A Celebration of Life: November 5 1985 - January 24 2003


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Reply Leaf
9:39 AM on January 24, 2018 

15 years since they left this earth and I still remember them all. Henry you would have been an amazing man and I am sure still a great friend. I remeber all the times we all went wondering through the city and through the parks till the late hours. Come spring I'll go feed the ducks.

Reply Manoel
3:44 PM on March 3, 2016 

Some days I think back to when Max, Henry and I attended Jon's gym class at the Y in the morning. Even though more than a decade has passed I still remember us horsing around.

Reply Titi Margi
7:37 PM on January 24, 2015 

My sweet nephew,

Loving you. Always! Remembering you. Forever!

Reply Virginia
9:36 AM on November 6, 2014 

[Kevin Urquhart]

Virginia--You are a wonderful mother and the strongest person I know. Henry (Poco) was and is very lucky have you. Happy birthday Henry!


Thank you Kevin, you are a dear friend!

Reply Kevin Urquhart
3:05 PM on November 5, 2014 

Virginia--You are a wonderful mother and the strongest person I know.  Henry (Poco) was and is very lucky have you. Happy birthday Henry!

Reply Virginia
8:56 AM on November 5, 2014 

Happy Birthday my darling son. Miss you so much. I visit the cemetery and lay beautiful for you. You are heart and sunshine. I'm grateful that you were my son. Have a blessed day in Heaven. Love you always!


Reply Christina Carreras
10:10 AM on June 12, 2014 

I had the honor of meeting you on the train thanks to Alicia introducing us. And you were so open and honest with the experience of losing your son. Today I realized that GOD let you come into my past to remind me to be grateful for every moment you have and stop complaining about what you dont. Thank You for that I actually put a post-it note on my computer to remind me of this experience and treasure all the things that come your way good or bad. The note simply says Remember Henry. You are an awesome amazing lady thank you for sharing.

Reply Titi Margi
10:32 PM on January 24, 2014 

You are always young and alive in my heart. I love you as I always have, my dear nephew.

Reply Eric Tejeda
5:55 PM on January 24, 2014 


Thinking of you on this date. You are in my prayers.  God bless you and your family.

Reply Mom
7:26 AM on January 24, 2014 

Dear Henry, my beautiful son

Always thinking of you.  It's eleven years and yet it seem like yesterday that I lost you.  I always think of you with love but the day before the anniversary I always feel so much sadness and anger.  Not anger at you but anger that you were taken from me. I wish I could see you, I wish I could have enjoyed more of you but I have to accept that this was God's plan. I know that I will see you again. I have to believe that because that thought is what makes me sane.  That thought is what carries me through each day.  Yes, it's eleven years but it still feels the same, the sadness of not having you with me, not seeing you grow up to a Man. That is what I miss the most. I love you so much and the words are becoming harder to express because if write how I feel, I don't think it will end. The words will go on forever, the missing of you will go forever, the love for you will go on forever. I know that God will lead me to you when my time comes because we were meant to be with each other in t he other life.

You are with me always, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.  I love you always!

Mom of Henry "Poco"