A Celebration of Life: November 5 1985 - January 24 2003




 Henry Anthony Badillo: 3 weeks old...home from the  hospital!



 Henry with Dad...3 weeks old




Uncle Joe, Aunt Devika and Henry 

Thanksgiving Day 1985



     Crawling around at Grandma and Granddad's House  



Henry at a year old....what a cutie!





Henry with some of his favorite friends....

and his favorite cousin, Antonio




My Mom and I...cute, huh?.



    Taking a bath...look at my smile





   In Hawaii..Dad and me



Riding a car at the County Fair




        Goofy, Mom, Antonio and Henry...



3rd Birthday with Mom, Henry, Dad with Mickey Mouse

aka Uncle Bob, cousin Krystal and Aunt Susi in the rear

At 3rd Birthday Party







   Ready to go out...gotta get dressed



Hey, where's my spoon?

Mickey and Henry


Henry and Lucy, as a pup


 Hanging out with Dad...



In Pre-Kindergarten


Easter Sunday...

4Years Old...




With Granddad at Pre-Kindergarten Graduation


Kindergarten Graduation Day

Holy Family School 

Victor, Henry, and Joseph


At Rockefeller Center Skating Rink


Summer Vacation is Over...1st Day of School

Boys will be boys...Victor and Henry...friends forever


 Ring Bearer at Uncle Joe's wedding

 6 years old


Knottsberry Farm, California

In the Park...Henry and Mom


Christmas 1992



 Antonio, Grandma, Henry



 With my favorite aunt, Margi...8 years old




 Cousin Vicky, Henry, and Cousin Antonio


       Bronx Catholic Schools Science Fair Winner


 Henry and his friend, Miguel..in the Cub Scouts


At Disney...my favorite vacation spot

      With another favorite cousin, Krystal at Yankee Stadium


       With Mr T, a Holy Family School teacher, at a

         Plaza Hotel Benefit for Pediatric Aids


Members of the Morris Park Roller Hockey Team

   Confirmation Day...Victor, Joseph, and Henry

    8th Grade


8th Grade Graduation Day...

Joseph, Victor, Miguel and Henry

Holy Family School

With Father Flannagan, Victor at Henry's Graduation Barbeque


Chilling in Key West, Summer 1999


High School Days


In High School









   With Uncle Donnie on Mom's Birthday

Jan 3 2003




January 3 2003...Henry and Mom         






Memorial Garden....planted with love by Mom who holds your heart with her everyday

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